"Squall" for Snow Peak's 'Dictionary'.

Written and shot for Snow Peak, 2017.

quall |skwôl|

A localized storm, especially one bringing sleet or rain.

The five minute ride on the ten car ferry to Herron Island offered a prelude to the coming two days of weather.

Before we got out of reception the screen suggested a new experience each hour. “Rain” followed “showers”, trailing “thunderstorms”, and occasionally “sunny”.

I spent my first twenty Decembers on the Puget Sound and I can admit to some pride in my willingness to go outside in weather that inspires movie binges in other people. The rest of the crew showed no rain shyness themselves.

With a good hot fire, you can stand barefoot in a muddy t-shirt in wind driven rain and so long as you’re close – you’re happy.

Northern coastal people everywhere from Washington to Japan know deep secrets about perfect soups and teas. Hot saké does the same tricks on any rocky shore of the Pacific.

Local legends say Puget Sounders’ blood runs three degrees cooler than the average American. Couldn’t tell you where I learnt that one.