Brandon Scott Herrell

Hi there. I'm a 32 year old photographer in Seattle who hails from the lush and rainy peninsulas of the Pacific Northwest. I'm available for assignments at home or abroad (bonus points for abroad).  If the job involves carrying expensive gear dangerously close to horses, water, or steep rocky banks - I'm your dude.  Whenever anyone asks what I do I say "mostly I shoot people outside near food". 

I'm on the road or traveling by some other means (Kayak? Seaplane? Pack mule?) almost constantly. While this is pretty annoying for my dog, she ultimately wants me to do what makes me happy. 

While most of the work here was shot outdoors in natural light, I have extensive experience working indoors with strobes on still life and on figure shoots. I've worked as a consultant designing and installing the photo process and lighting for retail clients, and am no stranger to digital photo manipulation (Lightroom, Photoshop, MS Paint).

I'm on Instagram here, with a following that says - "He takes nice photos, but I don't really get his captions". 

You can license some of my photos on Stocksy if you need a photo of a mountain to sell a new energy drink or some cool socks or something.

Selected clients :

Filson, Schmidt Naturals, Goalzero, Wire Magazine UK, Popular Mechanics, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Stocksy, Snow Peak, Bridge & Burn, Coyuchi, Ginew USA, Juniper Ridge, RANGE Magazine, Union Wine Co., Wood & Faulk, Poler.

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