"Fixed" for Snow Peak's 'Dictionary'.

Shot and written for Snow Peak, 2016.

fixed |fikst|

Fastened securely in position: The path was fixed upon his feet.


There’s nobody else on the road. Last night I was at Goldbug Hot Springs. Met a guy named Charlie who works in the summer time at Glacier National Park clearing trails. We shared some wine, and everything was good of course. We were both camping in the meadow. I waved goodbye this morning on the way down. I stopped at a gas station for coffee. It was more like water. A bunch of old men outside in cowboy hats – all their trucks parked next to each other. “Hey Tom”, “Hey chuck. You hear about god damn Steve?”, etc. etc. Woman in the store wasn’t really friendly. Wasn’t really not friendly either. Started this trip maybe three days ago? I don’t remember. This part of Idaho is under a great grey curtain today. I see vague shapes of mountaintops punctuated by little white patches of snow on otherwise sage green and brown mountains. The hail just started coming down.