Ongoing for Glasswing.

My staff gig. Since January 2018 I’ve been working with this Seattle based design shop, helping to dial in our communications and visual language. We’re shooting social and web marketing content almost daily, working with freelancers and our internal photo team (me). Our ongoing objective is to refine our approach to visual storytelling with a focus on real people in our community, and the artists and designers behind the work we present via our two retail stores.

Recently for Bombas.

Shot by Jules Davies, styled by myself.

The brief called for casual, playful outdoors styling. We cast talent from Sports and Lifestyle Unlimited in Portland for models who could approach the shoot lightheartedly and loosely posed. Not too modely. We opted for somewhat subdued, nature influenced palette, sourced from a handful of fashion boutiques and outdoor lifestyle brands to balance performance apparel with casual accents. Jules’ work is known for her interplay of colors and the careful blending of fashion and outdoors styling, which we leveraged to deliver this shoulder season campaign for Bombas.